Imaginarius acessível

Imaginarius aims to be an increasingly plural, open and universal festival, by investing on the availability of tools to support accessibility, and ensuring conditions for the enjoyment its programming in a broader way. The Imaginarius Acessível programme is once again contemplating some tools to improve the conditions of access to the activities planned for the festival.



The festival’s programme is available at with Portuguese sign language.



A summarised version of the festival’s programme is available in braille.


In order to ensure there is an increase in information regarding accessibility, there will be two guided tours of the festival venue, with practical information on accessible paths and activities. The tours feature a Portuguese sign language interpreter.

25 and 26 May | 7.30pm


The festival venue includes several spaces of preferential visibility for disabled visitors. As a reinforcement of access conditions, about 35% of the festival’s programming integrates these preferential areas (68 of the 195 programmed performances). The programme leaflet features a specific icon that marks the shows that include the service, i.e. 26 of the festival’s 40 artistic projects, at least in one public presentation.