Imaginarius Infantil

A specific area of programming for children, with themes, schedules and spaces that are adjusted to this age group, Imaginarius Infantil is a project that aims to train new audiences and, while maintaining the identity of the festival, stimulate in children the desire to enjoy, think and intervene in public space. The shows, workshops and experiences to be held at the festival will allow participants to discover other ways of seeing and feeling reality.

Imaginarius Infantil goes beyond the festival days, as it includes actions at the school network level that are directed to specific segments and groups, with a view to strengthening their contact with the artistic world, awakening their creative interest, and promoting specific training actions

Daniel Seabra [PT] + Noé Quintela [PT] + Students of Sociocultural Entertainment of the Coelho e Castro Secondary School [PT]- "Fractions of a Whole"
SALTO International Circus School [PT]
Arte.Descoberta [PT] - Ilustrar com Linhas e Agulhas
Arte.Descoberta [PT] - Ilustrar com Linhas e Agulhas
Inês Severino [PT] + Clara Oliveira [PT] - "Até Sempre!"