Autre MiNa Company [FR] – “Génération [pomm]ée”

Autre MiNa Company [FR]

Génération [pomm]ée

Portuguese Premiere

It is about a “lost generation”, symbolically represented by the strength of the apple in contemporary technological culture. Génération [pomm] ée, choreographed by Mitia Fedotenko, translates through the connection between bodies the harshness of modernity and the perseverance of youth in reinventing itself. A show that addresses the contradictions of the modern World and of a generation that no longer recognizes itself in the reign of ultra-technology, hyper consumption, individualism and unbridled competition.

Local: República Square
Duração: 35 minutos

Date | Hours
24 May | 9.10pm
25 May | 4.15pm, 10.10pm
26 May | 3.15pm, 10.50pm


Teaser Génération [pomm]ée en espace public from Mitia Fedotenko on Vimeo.