Pisando Ovos [ES] – “Give it a Spin”

Pisando Ovos [ES]

Give it a Spin

Portuguese Premiere

What happens when a space merges with music and movement? In a pure and minimalist state, a DJ meets a ballet dancer, in a dialogue without words, rich in repetition and the transformation of movement into sound. An encounter of bodies that resist even to the form of a continuous hug. Give it a Spin is a project that reflects on the images and attitudes of our times, an anti-duel in the search of a new artistic language.

Local: República Square
Duration: 25 minutes

Date | Hours
25 May | 9.20pm, 1.10am
26 May | 6.45pm, 9.45pm, 11.45pm


TEASER GIVE IT A SPIN – PISANDO OVOS from pisandoovos on Vimeo.