Ana Brandão e Joana Bernardo
Cae: 17230 – Manufacture of Stationary Paper
Activity: Design
Address: Porto
Contacts: 918 789 934 / 918 327 344 | Email: | Website

Inusitado is a Portuguese stationary brand that explores the relationship between paper and design, founded in 2017 in Porto by graphic designers Ana Brandão and Joana Bernardo. We believe in and value traditional binding techniques, and work with artisans to produce our products.

We follow the entire process from creation to materialization. A fusion between memory and the contemporary. Materials are chosen in detail for each product, in order to create a sensorial experience, in a sustainable way.

We create notebooks with unconventional formats and openings, and diaries that adapt to each person, exploring their versatility and temporal durability.

Besides our concern for combining the shape and functionality of our pieces with their design, we also value tradition and our origins. Our production is Portuguese and has the mark of artisans. Together, we explore innovation and tradition, side by side.

Antónia Malau
Cae: 13991 and 13302
Activity: Embroidery and Printing
Address: Rua Antónia Nicolau da Costa, casa 7
3700-044 São João da Madeira
Contact: 913 022 756 | Email: | Website | Instagram

My work is defined as a poetic object, which intersects with different visual languages, based on embroidery that is contemplated with prints, illustration and photography. From these materials, my art creates hybrid objects, between embroidery and drawing, that portray the human body with natural elements. I use manual embroidery made from cotton threads, giving another dimension in the construction of my narratives.

My art of embroidery is no longer a technique or a tradition, but has become a process of artistic creation, putting Textile Art in context.

José Correia
JC Wood Toys
Cae: 16291 and 47890
Activity: Manufacture and Sales of Wooden Toys
Address: Rua Alexandre Herculano, nº208
3880-146 Ovar
Contacts: 913 165 137 / 911 982 102  | Email: | Facebook | Instagram

JC Wood Toys is a brand of handmade wooden toys, whose timeless pieces will make parents and grandparents remember their childhood times.

This family project was born in June 2014, with our presence at FIMO - Festival de Marionetas de Ovar. From that day on, the sparkle in the eyes of children whenever they see our toys has driven our motivation.

Our toys, which combine the essence of a wooden toy with a more modern design, are built with sustainable - hence environmentally friendly - materials.

Their resistance as wooden toys guarantees a long life in the hands of the little ones.

Maria Cristina
Cae: 13992
Activity: Lace and Jewellery
Address: Rua do Louredo, 214 – Idanha – Anta
4500-071 Espinho
Contact: 918 673 775 | Email: | Instagram

Since I remember, I have used needles and threads. Still very young, I learned, with my maternal grandmother, how to sew, darn and crochet. I took to it and, after learning those very important bases in a self-taught way, I learned other stitches, other techniques, such as knitting and embroidery.

I did a lot of work for family, friends and myself. Later, I became unemployed and, although I never completely stopped crochet, I started making my own jewellery. On the advice of a trainer who saw them, I started selling some to friends and family, using scraps of fabric to make new pieces or giving a new “face” to the ones I already had.

I have been involved in the “Rota” project for about a year, where I have developed a line of handmade crochet jewellery pieces, inspired by the waves of the sea of ​​Espinho, my city and my grandmother's; everything has a connection.
I intend to make this my main activity, and with it create pieces that allow their users to carry with them a little bit of Espinho, its sea or any sea that has meaning for them; pieces with a strong personality for people full of personality.

Isabel Castro
Cae: 74100
Activity: Design (jewellery in non-noble metals, fashion and objects design) and Photography
Email: | Website

Signature brand of jewellery & photography author with conscientious ideals inspired by tales, people, stories, colours. Pieces with a fresh, urban and feminine vibe, full of meaning for the author, hoping that they will help you dream, dare, respect, be conscientious and be yourselves.

Francisco Pessegueiro
Cae: 2014
Activity: Ceramics and Glass Designer
Address: Rua Fonte Cova, nº 126
3700-129 - São João da Madeira
Contact: 915 781 721 | Email: | Instagram

It took me a few years to realize that experimentation - which is part of any artistic process - was fundamental to develop the visual potential while making ceramic objects. Currently, I have been directing my questions towards sustainability, basing my work on a sustained and reflected act.

In my studio, I develop my pieces in an organic and conscious way, focusing on the creation of exclusive pieces, through the infinite possibilities presented by ceramics. Soon, I plan to launch my own brand: Vidra.

Vidra intends to focus on the construction of pieces for lighting and other functions, influenced by natural elements and modern aesthetics, deconstructing the way we see objects and enhancing the relationships and stories behind each one.

Bárbara Rocha
Cae: 47890
Activity: Communication Designer and Illustrator
Address: Porto
Contact: 962 361 734 | Email: | Website | Online Store

Bárbara Rocha is a communication designer and illustrator. She has a degree in Communication Design from ESAD Matosinhos and did Erasmus at ESA Lorient (France). Subsequently, she completed a professional photography course at IPF Porto and a few years later a master's degree in Illustration from ESAG. She co-founded Feia-Associação de Ilustração and participated in several individual and group exhibitions, as well as in several workshops.

She was part of the organizing committee of the 8th and 9th Encontros de Ilustração of S. João da Madeira, and was also responsible for the event's entire image. In 2017, she self-published the book “O Sol da Sra. Azul”. She is part of the “Iolo” social business.

She frequently participates in Illustration fairs and gives classes and workshops. Books and travel have always been present in her life. She grew up surrounded by greenery, with mountains close by and next to the sea. She has lived in several places and has now returned to Porto, a city that has always filled her heart and where she is imagining projects for the future!


14 to 30 MAY

Municipal Market of Santa Maria da Feira

IMAGINARIUS Market is aimed at promoting creative and entrepreneurial initiatives, from urban handicrafts to fashion accessories, from visual arts to vintage products and second-hand items.

Several exhibition areas will be created for the sale of various articles, based on their functionality, creativity and originality, so as to arouse curiosity and make them attractive to visitors.