Pitch session for artists and programmers 1

Pitch session for artists and programmers

Imaginarius – the Santa Maria da Feira International Street Theater Festival is back, using the city’s public space and municipal equipment from September 9th to 12th, to foster contact between professionals in the Street Art sector, while favoring networking between artists and programmers. In this edition, Imaginarius PRO provides its digital dissemination platform, during a pitch session, scheduled for the morning of September 9th, at the event’s official website, open to all professionals, via free advance sign-up.

There are ten artistic projects on the Imaginarius program to be presented during the pitch session, which will premiere from September 9th to 12th, or which premiered on the program in May and will be brought back: Será Sereia? (Is it a Mermaid?) [Baileia (Dancing)]; Variações (Variations) (INAC); Nova Refutação do Tempo (New Rebuttal of Time) (Rina Marques and Sara Ferreira); Dendryx (Jeanneth Vieira); Universo Reverso (Reverse Universe) (Mercador de Fábulas – Fable Merchant); Youssef (Telmo Ferreira); Very Very Funny (Rui Paixão, André Costa and Mariana Machado); Ulisses (Ulysses) (Auéééu – Teatro); Urban Pantheon (Teatro em Caixa); and O Cubo (The Cube) (Elisabete Sousa and Diogo Martins).

The presentation of each individual project by the artists and creators gathered at the Imaginarius Creation Center to Portuguese and international programmers will be followed by a Q&A period, to share experiences and strengthen contacts and partnerships.

Through Imaginarius PRO, the festival pursues its mission of supporting contemporary artistic creation for the public space, while strengthening the positioning of the Municipality of Santa Maria da Feira as it backs local artistic creation and boosts internationalization of the Street Art sector.

Artists and programmers can sign up for Imaginarius PRO’s pitch session using the form available here.

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