Applications are open for Imaginarius volunteering 1

Applications are open for Imaginarius volunteering

Until 30 March, registration is open for the Imaginarius Participa 2022 volunteer programme, aimed at people aged over 16. It is an opportunity for personal and professional enrichment for young (and not so young) people who, in this way, will join Imaginarius’ multidisciplinary team, which is returning in full to the public space between 26 and 29 May. Application rules and registration form are available here.

The jobs to be performed by the Imaginarius volunteers focus on three key areas of intervention: public guidance and information; production support; and support for volunteer coordination. Availability, experience and motivation to participate in a project of this size are fundamental criteria to consider in the selection process. The team of volunteers will be provided with free training, food and an Imaginarius Participa Kit, in addition to travel and accommodation grants, in applicable situations.

During the four days of the festival, Imaginarius volunteers will be responsible for carrying out specific tasks, previously assigned based on each one’s profile and availability, namely providing information about the programme and complementary services, distributing promotional material for the event, public guidance and management, access control to shows, support to the festival’s production companies and teams, participation/collaboration in a show (handling of sets and props) and distribution of support material to the volunteer team.

Participation in the Imaginarius festival is an enriching experience, which marks the individual path of each of the volunteers, especially for the opportunity to be part of a cultural and artistic project with more than two decades of experience in the national and international promotion of street arts.

Challenged to summarize this experience in a single word, Imaginarius Participa 2021 volunteers highlighted mutual help, learning, diversity, opportunity, fun, sharing and unity, while strongly recommending this experience to other young people, for the contact with the public that it provides, for the space of integration that it represents, for the solid friendships that it fosters, for the opportunity to interact with artists and companies, for the intergenerational experience and diversity of nationalities that it brings together. For many, it was an “unforgettable experience”, which “should have lasted longer” and was “worth repeating”.

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