Creative, urban and signature gastronomy in festival 1

Creative, urban and signature gastronomy in festival

Because gastronomy is an art in its own right, the Imaginarius festival has once again challenged local restaurants to a crossroads of flavours, privileging menus based on endogenous and seasonal products, and revealing creativity in their preparation and plating. Adega Monhé, Lago, Taberna do Xisto and Terra Mãe are the four official “Sabores Imaginarius” restaurants which, between 9 and 12 September, will be the ambassadors of creative, urban and signature gastronomy designed specifically for the festival.

The official “Sabores Imaginarius” restaurants fulfilled the criteria defined by the management and presented creative proposals, investing on local and seasonal products to create differentiating menus. Examples include Feira Fogaça and  Sweet Regueifa, cheeses and honey, blueberries, raspberries and Malapia, artisan beer with Feira hops and Châmoa liqueur, fresh vegetables and shitake mushrooms, as well as regional products, like fish from the coast and meat from the hills.

The history, culture and identity of Santa Maria da Feira are also present in the selected proposals, namely the influence of the Loios friars on the local cuisine and the mixed cultures of Feira’s diaspora.

Inspired by the essence of Imaginarius as a “stage of experiences”, the chefs of the four official restaurants present creative dishes, rich in flavour, offering a surprising sensory journey during the four days of the festival. The menus are available here.

“Sabores Imaginarius” is part of the municipal strategy of tourist and gastronomic promotion “Encruzilhada de Sabores”, favouring endogenous and seasonal products, and promoting the differentiation and creativity of the proposals of chefs and restaurants in the region.

The festival’s gastronomic area is also committed to promoting Craft Beer with Feira Hops – special edition 20 years | 20 Imaginarius editions – available at the Interactive Tourism Store and the local restaurants, and supports the “Almoce e Jante Connosco” initiative, promoted by ADRITEM – Integrated Regional Development Association of Terras de Santa Maria, in the village of Porto Carvoeiro, in Canedo.

It is in this certified Portuguese Village that, on 4 September, at 7 pm,  visitors can enjoy the authenticity of a meal made with local products, the basis of the region’s traditional cuisine, shared within a village family. The hosts open the doors of their house to tourists who will sit at the table with them and have the opportunity to discover the legends, stories and life of the village, in a traditional meal. You can apply through the form, available here.

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