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Dra/Mat [PT] – “William Shake(this)pear”

William Shake(this)pear
6 OR OLDER | 60´
World Premiere | Imaginarius Creation

Gardens and Auditorium of the Municipal Library [preferential visibility for conditioned mobility] [interpretation in Portuguese Sign Language – to be confirmed]
24 and 25 May | 9pm
In the middle of the city a camp was set up. Although there was no memory of it having happened before, the image of that heap of tents recalls something already seen: a circus, a demonstration or, perhaps, a group of people in search of a refuge. That group of occupants seemed to be all this at the same time. They earned their living from telling stories, they walked from city to city and, despite their young appearance, carried the weight of centuries lived in that routine. The time of the stories they brought seemed to coincide with the very birth of civilization. They spoke of kings, emperors, generals, and even of already extinct cities.
For years, the words uttered by these storytellers had won the attentive gaze of those who watched them; had changed their souls and transformed whole cities.
But something, however, had changed … the cities had changed, and people changed with them…
Opinions on what to do varied. Some talked about giving up, while others believed that it would be possible to continue. Everything would have to be solved in that rehearsal, which could be their last!

Dra/Mat [PT] / William Shake(this)pear | MEDIATION

This project results from an artistic residency, promoted by the Municipal Library of Santa Maria da Feira, between February and May 2019, involving around 35 young people form the municipality in the show’s co-creation.