140 Mil Memórias
1 Revival, 2 World Premieres
Museu Convento dos Lóios
4 May | 4pm | Opening
Weekly visiting hours (4 May to 6 June):
Tuesday to Friday | 9.30am > 6pm
Saturday and Sunday | 2.30pm > 5.30pm
Visiting hours during the festival:
23 and 24 May | 9:30pm > midnight
25 May | 2:30pm > midnight

Curated by the Imaginarius Creative Centre, 140 Mil Memórias had its first cycle of presentations at the 2018 Imaginarius Festival. This artistic project worked on the collective memory through stories collected throughout the entire municipality of Santa Maria da Feira. Stories that have emerged from the meeting of people who want to preserve their memories and knowledge and people who are living memories themselves. In the course of this process, the challenge was launched to construct artistic approaches inspired by these memories and in memory as a space where the past, the present and the future cross. On the first Saturday of May, the Lóios Museum will begin to host the first three interventions that, during the Festival, will grow and extend to other spaces.

PATRICK HUBMANN [AT, PT] / Máquina de Memórias (revival)
A machine of individual and collective stories, built on the principle of the mysterious memory storage mechanism. After the first presentation at the 2018 Imaginarius Festival, the machine returns, now transformed, to accompany the new cycle of artistic projects 140 Mil Memórias.

JOÃO FERREIRA [PT] / Documentary 140 Mil Memórias (world premiere)
A journey through the memories that are part of the common imaginary that is to be and belong to Santa Maria da Feira. They are pieces of a large unfinished puzzle, made of varied testimonies, where each individual memory adds something to the history of all.

JOÃO AZEVEDO [PT] / Sobre a materialidade encontrada durante o processo de pesquisa para o projeto 140 Mil Memórias
The original task was to simply reproduce an account. An account of a research process related to the memory of a place. While this process focused on the voices and words of those who inhabited this place, my gaze wandered the surrounding space. It wandered in search of traces or evidence of the memories that were told.

FRANCISCO OLIVEIRA [PT] / ||… (Duas Linhas e Três Pontos) (world premiere)
Ambiguous and undefined, the Vouga Line intercepts the municipality of Santa Maria da Feira. This work draws, with clarity and darkness, the same interstice found between use and disuse, appreciation and abandonment.
||… (Duas Linhas e Três Pontos) is an artistic piece based for inspiration on an analysis to the stories that were gathered, in 2018, during the first stage of project 140 Mil Memórias.