LUIT – Laboratoire Urbain d’Interventions Temporaires [FR] – “Black Market”

3 OR OLDER | 90´
Portuguese Premiere | Imaginarius Creation / Roundabout Europe

Municipal Market

23 and 24 May | 9.30pm

On the Black Market we negotiate what cannot be sold for money, what is priceless. We interrogate the value you are giving to your own desires. We are the shadow of the stock exchange, the upside down of the trade. We are pirating the market place. We are dealing with the limits of the finance today. We are refusing the perpetual offer, the insatiable longing created by the consumerism. We want to value the demand, as reasoned, impulsive, and impossible as it is. What risks are you willing to take to deal with us?
Mixing the codes of dealers and traders, BLACK MARKET questions the permission to desire outside of the frames set by the consuming society and how the stock exchange system can be turn into a common that we all share.
At the BLACK MARKET, speaking becomes a place where you take a risk, showing the weight of words, where every scene is literally negotiated with the audience. At the same time invisible and visible, dark and pleasant, secretive and outspoken, the actors baffle the opposition artist-public: we play together with the new rules that are proposed.

LUIT – Laboratoire Urbain d’Interventions Temporaires [FR] | MEDIATION


During the artistic residency of LUIT – Laboratoire Urbain d’Interventions Temporaires, part of the Roundabout Europe project, there will be a capacity-building action targeting the local artistic fabric. The project expects to integrate a local actor in the artistic residency process during a week in May for the co-creation of the Black Market intervention in its adaptation to the Imaginarius Festival.