Theater Gajes [NL] – “Odyssee”

Theater Gajes [NL] – “Odyssee”

World Premiere | Imaginarius Creation

Local: Casa do Moinho
Duration: 60 minutes

Date | Hours
25 May | 10.20pm
26 May | 10.45pm

Open rehearsal | 20 May | 9.30pm | Mill House

A story about the adventure of a man, who, while trying to sail home after the war in Troy, got lost in the sea. Odysseus, a man of strength and anger, longs for the tranquillity of his home. Along the way he will face monsters, resist temptations, control his desires and be ignorant in the underworld. His crew members are dead and his ship is damaged. With the help of his guide, Athena, he survives the destructive forces of Poseidon and returns home wearing just rags, albeit much wiser.

Theater Gajes presents, in world premiere, a new creation where giant machines become scenic objects, bursting into the audience’s space and turning those present into an essential link of the plot.

Theater Gajes [NL]

Workshop on Manipulation of Scenic Structures in Public Space – Odyssee
16 to 26 May | 8pm to 11pm

Theater Gajes is a Dutch street theatre company that has developed its very own artistic methodology, using mobile scenic structures that propel their shows. The company will conduct an artistic residence in Santa Maria da Feira for the conclusion of its new project, Odyssee, which will premiere at the Imaginarius festival, and intends to involve a group of local amateur actors in a dynamic workshop that will lead them to get acquainted with the company’s techniques and develop the specific actions of a group of outside actors that will integrate the show’s tour performances. In addition to the training and practical activities, participants will also play a central role in the performances of Odyssee at the Imaginarius festival.

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