Imaginarius Creation Centre to host English company in artistic residency 1

Imaginarius Creation Centre to host English company in artistic residency

The English company Etta Ermini Dance Theater will be in an artistic residency, between 2 and 11 September, at the Imaginarius Creation Center (ICC), in Santa Maria da Feira. The ICC thus opens its doors to its first post-lockdown artistic residency, as it pursues its main objective of supporting and encouraging the development of the Arts in its various expressions.

“Dur de Comprenure” is the artistic project that the English Company Etta Ermini Dance Theater, composed by director and choreographer Andrietta Brenk from Switzerland,  Greek dancer Christina Dionysiopoulou, and acrobats Mohammed Hammich and Quahib Hammich from Morocco, will work during the artistic residency at the ICC, and it comes within the scope of Roundabout Europe, an international project, co-financed by Creative Europe and which brings together five major festivals:

Imaginarius – International Street Theatre Festival (Portugal), KoresponDance Festival (Czech Republic), Out There (United Kingdom), Passage Festival (Denmark) and Spoffin Festival (Netherlands) – in the construction of a European circuit of residences.

Roundabout Europe is a new opportunity for Street Arts and aims to build a European circuit of residences based on these five festivals, with the basic idea of professionalizing the street arts artistic environment, while providing artists and companies with experience and training, towards creating a sustainable and profitable career, without compromising their artistic values. Every year, each festival hosts two companies in residence, selected through an International Call.

“Dur de Comprenure”: Three people are stranded on the border between Africa and Europe, all lacking the necessary travel documents. They are kept in a waiting room in no-man’s-land, disturbed and full of prejudices about each other’s culture, and without a common language. Through disciplines of hand balance, acrobatics, hand-to-hand and dance, a series of events will unfold, bringing together the four travellers, and an interest and understanding of their respective cultures will begin to develop.

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