Imaginarius invites women aged 16 to 105 to an artistic creation to be premiered at the festival 1

Imaginarius invites women aged 16 to 105 to an artistic creation to be premiered at the festival

Imaginarius – International Street Theatre Festival invites women from Santa Maria da Feira, aged between 16 and 105, to create a collective artistic creation of theatre-dance, which carries the symbol of sisterhood, solidarity, empowerment and female sensitivity.

French-American Léa Dant, artistic director of the “De femme à FEMMES” project, will work with the local group from the beginning of creation until the premiere, which will integrate the programme of the Imaginarius festival, between 23 and 26 May.

What began as a small-scale workshop in France quickly became an ongoing project, which has already toured several countries and involved several groups of women in different urban spaces, at a crossroads between the poetic and the political.

In each place she goes, Léa Dant, writer, actress and theatre director, works with local groups of women of various ages, with always different results, based on the stories, feelings and intuitions of each group.

“De femme à FEMMES” celebrates liberation and freedom in its most intimate dimension and gives women the opportunity to reveal themselves and inspire the public.

The creative process includes a series of conversations and workshops to create a solid group, generating involvement and emotion, through intimate sharing, which reflects something greater and universal in women.

This performance is aimed at participants between 16 and 105 years old, open to sharing their feelings, challenges, joys and experiences with other women, exploring the strengths of movement and theatre.

Since the actions to be developed are simple and carried out in groups, artistic experience is not necessary, but it is essential that the participants are fully available throughout the entire process.

To participate, interested women must send, by 8 March, International Women’s Day, an email to, identified with the subject “De femme à FEMMES” and a cover letter that summarizes what they understand about being a woman and why they want to participate.

The performance will be presented on 23 (open rehearsal), 24 and 25 May, always at 6:30 pm, at República Square, next to the City Hall of Santa Maria da Feira, a place full of history and memories, the Imaginarius festival’s reference stage.

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