Imaginarius with proposals for kids 1

Imaginarius with proposals for kids

Portugal’s largest street arts festival – Imaginarius – is back in the public space and municipal facilities of Santa Maria da Feira between 9 and 12 September, and it brings several proposals for kids, from dance and music to the circus arts, providing them with other ways of experiencing reality and stimulating their creativity.

Será Sereia? is a music and storytelling show by Baileia that will have its world premiere at Imaginarius – International Street Theatre Festival, on 11 and 12 September, at 11am and 3pm, in the Gardens of the Municipal Library of Santa Maria da Feira. In this Imaginarius Creation, the two artist-educators will explore the mysteries of the sea and its creatures.

The Gardens of the Municipal Library will also host the show As Bailias da Guerreira Rani – Uma Lenda da Índia, a project that, through myths, traditions and legends, travels to India, demonstrating the cultural multi-diversity of the world. The Portuguese premiere of this project can be seen on 11 and 12 September, at 10am, 2pm, 4pm and 6pm.

The story of the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice was first told in Greece more than 2000 years ago. Over the years, the myth changed and few people today know the true story of the musician Orpheus and the nymph Eurydice. In the music and dance show A Eurídice e Eu, by the Terpsichore company, kids and their families will remember one of the most beautiful stories of antiquity, as it was told in the past, and are invited to travel to ancient Greece and dance like they did more than two centuries ago. Eurídice and Eu is scheduled for 11 and 12 September, at 12:00, 5pm and 7pm, at the Gardens of the Municipal Library. Also there, the public can enjoy, between 9 and 12 September, the installation Orfeo & Majnun na Floresta, by Ana Rita Leite and Bianca Ferreira, inspired by the Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice and the Arab love story between Layla and Majnun . The installation portrays the moment of refuge and anguish of Orpheus and Majnun who, unable to stay with their loved ones, take refuge in nature, where they live in harmony with the animals. During the festival weekend, 11 and 12 September, families will be presented with a kit for making animal puppets.

The Imaginarius Infantil programme also includes a Circus Arts workshop, provided by SALTO – International Circus School. In the Gardens of the  Municipal Library, on 11 and 12 September, at 10am and 2pm, SALTO invites the public to enter a giant bubble, where the poetry of circus will be used to reveal the techniques of this art. By participating in this workshop, kids and their families will learn about the acrobatic and aerial techniques that make the magic of the circus fly.

It premiered in May, but returns as part of the programme of this second moment of Imaginarius: Ulisses is a theatre show by AUÉEEU – Teatro, which narrates the mythical return home of Ulysses after the end of the Trojan war, a long adventure full of monstrous and enchanting figures. Will Ulysses, the hero of this story, manage to return to the land he left twenty years before? We’ll only find out on 12 September, at 5pm, in the auditorium of the Municipal Library.

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