Imaginarius’21 Graphic Image Unveiled 1

Imaginarius’21 Graphic Image Unveiled

On World Theatre Day, 27 March, and two months before the first moment of Imaginarius’21 takes place, the Municipality of Santa Maria da Feira divulged the graphic concept of the largest street theatre festival in the country. The image that marks the 20 years and the 20th edition of this International Street Theatre Festival conjures, through its ensemble of graphic elements, the main theme – The Myth and The Brand -, but also the region and the investment on a mixed, digital and face-to-face concept

The graphic concept of this edition highlights the main theme – “The Myth and The Brand” – and adds notes on the transition to digital. The image now presented addresses different concepts of Myth inspired by the festival’s programme, namely in projects such as “Orfeo & Majnun”, “Despojos de Babel” and “Laila e Majnum”. The Brand, which remains the same, present and constant in these 20 editions, refers to the dream, to the night, to the imagination, through the different phases of the moon visible in the logo. This year the festival is expanding, for the first time and during its first moment, to digital, represented, in a symbolic way, through the computer “0 and 1” language.

This year, Imaginarius’21 presents itself to its audience in a different format, as the pandemic reality demands, in two different moments. From 27 to 30 May, the programme will be presented in a mixed model, with the shows taking place mostly on the digital stage, although with controlled intermezzos at Quinta do Castelo and in the auditoriums of the Municipal Library and the António Lamoso Cine-Theatre. Between 9 and 12 September, the shows return to their usual stage, the public space of Santa Maria da Feira.

The programme of the 20th edition of the International  Street Theatre Festival of Street will be presented publicly during the month of April, but it is already known that  it will feature shows from the past edition that have not taken place – a commitment made by the City Council of Feira with the artists, at the moment when they opted to cancel the edition due to COVID-19, having even advanced the payment of 50% of the contracted amount -, and also with projects resulting from public calls.

The year 2021 will mark both the 20th anniversary and the 20th edition of Imaginarius, one of the benchmark Street Arts festivals in Portugal and in Europe, which was built over these two decades from different communities, living entities and the festival’s participants; a remarkable journey  you can continue to follow and participate in, from 27 to 30 May, on the digital stage, and from 9 to 12 September, on the great stage that is the region of Santa Maria da Feira.

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