Mundo Imaginarius online makes room for gastronomy, crafts, and holistic activities 1

Mundo Imaginarius online makes room for gastronomy, crafts, and holistic activities

The 20th edition of Imaginarius – International Street Theatre Festival will take place between 27 and 30 May, mostly on the online stage, and it will be on this very same stage of experiences, that Mundo Imaginarius will unveil itself, providing a wide range of experiences, from gastronomy to urban crafts, not forgetting physical and mental well-being activities.

Imaginarius’ creativity and innovation, which is common to all shows from different artistic disciplines that are part of the programme of its 20th edition, also extend to other of its theme areas, such as gastronomy – Sabores Imaginarius: Restaurants, Fogaça Makers and Brewery -, urban handicrafts – Imaginarius Market – and physical and mental well-being – Imaginarius Zen, which can be experienced on the Imaginarius Virtual Map, during the festival.

Mundo Imaginarius online makes room for gastronomy, crafts, and holistic activities 2

It is at the “Rossio” of the Virtual Imaginarius Map that the Sabores Imaginarius are concentrated, with the ten selected restaurants presenting creative gastronomic proposals, from entries to desserts, not forgetting the main dish. PGI – Protected Geographical Identification Feira Fogaça, the famous sweet bread, and its many variations, can be purchased from the official Fogaça Makers that are also part of Sabores Imaginarius. The tasting experience is enhanced by our craft beer with Feira hops, a special edition commemorating the 20 years of Imaginarius – International Street Theatre Festival, available at the “Rossio”’s Brewery of the Imaginarius Virtual Map.

In this online edition, Imaginarius continues to bring the flavours of the region to its audience, through the partnership developed between the City Council and the Uber Eats platform (with free deliveries using the IMAGINARIUS code) or the takeaway and home delivery services provided by participating establishments.

This edition of the festival will continue to have an Imaginarius Market, but it too is taking on an online format, and can be found at the “Municipal Market” of the Imaginarius Virtual Map. Seven artisans will display and sell their art during the four days of the festival – stationery, illustration, jewellery and photography design, wooden toys, glass and ceramics, lace jewellery, embroidery and printing.

Imaginarius Zen invites you to enjoy moments of physical and mental well-being, through the promotion of Yoga (28 May at 6:30pm, at the “Inha Riverside Area” of the Virtual Map) and Mindfulness (29 May, at 6:30pm, at the Virtual Map’s “Porto Carvoeiro”), allowing participants to surf online the uniquely beautiful natural spaces of the municipality of Santa Maria da Feira.

Mundo Imaginarius online makes room for gastronomy, crafts, and holistic activities 3

It should be noted that the Imaginarius Virtual Map presents the Municipality of Santa Maria da Feira in a perspective that is also creative and imaginary, and not on a real scale, allowing you to visit the entire territory and watch the shows in different public spaces. The choice of venues for online transmission, such as Castro de Romariz, the Municipal Library, he Lóios Convent Museum, among many others, is related to their direct or indirect connection to each of the shows to be broadcast.

The Imaginarius Virtual Map also allows you to discover, as a tourist, the municipality’s vast cultural heritage.

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