New cycle of Imaginarius Creation Centre to focus on regular and eclectic programming 1

New cycle of Imaginarius Creation Centre to focus on regular and eclectic programming

Since 2017, the Imaginarius Creation Centre (ICC), in Santa Maria da Feira, has hosted artistic residencies, open rehearsals, mentoring and mediation actions, but this is the first time that it will feature a regular programme, with activities scheduled throughout the whole year. Between February and November 2024, the ICC will be hosting and promoting 21 initiatives, involving artists and creators, cultural agents and professionals in the sector, as well as diverse audiences.

After a month of January reserved for the Fogaceiras Feast preparations, the ICC programme begins in February, with two mediation actions for schools and the community (illustration workshop and open rehearsal), and four workshops for cultural and associative agents, focused on the development and implementation of cultural projects, financing, communication and associative strategies. Until the end of November, the Creation Centre hosts, supports and promotes artistic residencies, theme talks, workshops, training and open rehearsals and showcases to present and promote the creations in residency.

Converted into an artistic residency centre specializing in street arts and contemporary circus around seven years ago, the building of the former municipal slaughterhouse is today a space full of life, open to the Feira community and the world, with its organized network of professionals from the cultural and artistic sector to support and monitor creative processes and disseminate projects created in residency.

In 2024, the Municipality of Santa Maria da Feira maintains and reinforces the ICC’s connection to the different communities and launches a new model of regular and eclectic programming, which extends throughout the year, allowing local, national and international artists and creators to make greater use of the various spaces and features of the Creation Centre, in particular its main building, blackbox and house.

In the main building, the multipurpose space stands out for hosting complementary actions to the creative processes, namely talks, meetings and exhibitions, in addition to a seating and work area.

As for the house, it consists of two bedrooms, properly equipped, with capacity for four people, as well as a fully equipped kitchen and changing rooms.

One of the most popular spaces at the ICC is the blackbox for creation and rehearsals, which includes technical sound and lighting equipment.

All of these facilities are interconnected by an open-air square, in front of the central building, which forms a small amphitheater for open rehearsals and other small-format presentations.

Since 2017, the Imaginarius Creation Centre has promoted the convergence between art, culture, knowledge and economy, fostering learning and creation, encouraging community participation and social cohesion, boosting the internationalization of participating artists.

As a place of creation, the ICC continues to involve individual and collective agents, producers, creators and performers, students, professionals and amateurs, from the municipality of Santa Maria da Feira and the world, in various artistic areas, privileging disciplinary intersections.

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