Sabores Imaginarius

Because gastronomy is an art in its own right, the Festival once again challenged local restaurants to a crossroads of flavours, privileging Imaginarius menus based on seasonal endogenous products and revealing creativity in their preparation and dishing.

Adega Monhé, Lago, Taberna do Xisto and Terra Mãe are the four official Sabores Imaginarius restaurants that between 9 and 12 September will be the “ambassadors” of creative, urban and signature  gastronomy designed specifically for the Festival.

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Sabores Imaginarius 3

Starter: O Fiel Amigo
DESCRIPTION: Inspired by the Feira Castle, and based on the friars of the Loios Convent, we created a new filling for our Little Castle, made with cod and watercress.

Main Course: Mitos &Marcas
Fish Burger & Meat Burger
DESCRIPTION: Inspired by Imaginarius and the cultures of the diaspora, we created this dish that joins fish and meat in two succulent and delicious hamburgers. The fish takes tomato, micro vegetable watercress, ham, cheese from our region, in a roasted arepa. The meat takes tomato confit with pennyroyal, sautéed mushrooms, lettuce, cheese from our region, and ham, also in a delicious roasted arepa. Served with sautéed asparagus.

Sabores Imaginarius 4

Dessert: regueifa Bruschetta, with cheese, figs and honey.
DESCRIPTION: Dessert made of endogenous products from the region, namely regional regueifa and Feira honey.

Main Course: Duck leg confit in beer, with watercress puree, and orange reduction.
DESCRIPTION: Dish made with artisanal hop beer from the Santa Maria da Feira region, regional watercress and orange.

DESSERT: Mini Fogaça, with chocolate trio, blueberries and raspberries and almond crunchy.
DESCRIPTION: Dessert based on our very own Fogaça enriched with blueberries and raspberries produced in the region, finishing with a touch of Châmoa.

Sabores Imaginarius 5

DESCRIPTION: Committed to sharing knowledge and in-depth reflection on the challenge, we intend to guarantee a tasting experience, with the confection of local and endogenous products, as well as to show what we know how to do best: surprising and delighting the most demanding palate.

Starter: Coloured cod tartar
DESCRIPTION: Cod tartar with malapo, sweet fogaça toast and touches of Chamôa syrup

Main Course: Duck Magret à la Santa Maria
DESCRIPTION: Duck Magret with sauce and craft beer and rose pepper, fogaça toast and steamed vegetables (asparagus, carrots, courgette and bimis).

Dessert: Imaginarius Flavours Palette
DESCRIPTION: Pumpkin pudding, cheese foam, fogaça ice cream, tomato skin and touches of red fruits.

Sabores Imaginarius 6

DESCRIPTION: This menu was designed so that you can have a gastronomic experience of excellence based on modern cuisine, with creative dishes that are rich in flavour, with indigenous and seasonal products from our land. This gave rise to a starter that combines an excellent product, foie, with fogaça as it is traditionally baked in the lands of Santa Maria. As for the fish, it could not have been better selected, since we are geographically close to the sea. Its combination with the lightly braised seasonal products (vegetables) gives freshness and life to the dish, finished with a light and elegant Pétollante sauce. The meat is a more elaborate dish, also accompanied by an endogenous product of our land, the shitake mushroom in a very creamy risotto. We end this experience with a delicious and smooth cheesecake baked with delicate raspberries from our garden. Just as Imaginarius transports the human mind to creative street art, we create art in our dishes providing a sensory taste journey of excellence.

Starter: Foie tureen with Fogaça Toast and Apple

Main Fish Dish: Bass loin on a bed of vegetables with sparkling wine sauce and new potatoes

Main Meat Dish: Beef Wellington with roasted carrots, creamy pumpkin and Shitake mushroom risotto

Dessert: Boiled cheesecake with raspberries

The festival’s gastronomic area is also committed to promoting Craft Beer with Feira Hops – special edition 20 years | 20 Imaginarius editions – available at the Interactive Tourism Store and the local restaurants, and supports the “Almoce e Jante Connosco” initiative, promoted by ADRITEM – Integrated Regional Development Association of Terras de Santa Maria, in the village of Porto Carvoeiro, in Canedo.


4 SET |  7.00 pm

Sabores Imaginarius 7

It is in this certified Portuguese Village that visitors can enjoy the authenticity of a meal made with local products, the basis of the region’s traditional cuisine, shared within a village family. The hosts open the doors of their house to tourists who will sit at the table with them and have the opportunity to discover the legends, stories and life of the village, in a traditional meal. You can apply through the form, available here.

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