“Sabores Imaginarius” challenge restaurants for creative, ethnic and sustainable gastronomy 1

“Sabores Imaginarius” challenge restaurants for creative, ethnic and sustainable gastronomy

The application period for the official restaurants “Sabores Imaginarius 2022” will take place from 18 to 22 April, and those selected will be the target of a tourist and gastronomic promotion campaign on different digital platforms of the Municipality of Santa Maria da Feira, as part of the 21st edition of the Imaginarius festival, which will take place between 26 and 29 May.

With the “Sabores Imaginarius” initiative, open to all restaurants in the municipality that meet the application requirements, the Municipality and the Imaginarius festival intend to affirm and promote Santa Maria da Feira’s chefs and restaurants in the regional, national and international domains, promoting and raising the profile of its typical gastronomic heritage, without forgetting the gastronomy present in the migrant communities residing in the region.

The designation Creative City of Gastronomy, awarded by UNESCO in November 2021, adds value, visibility and responsibility to the creative, ethnic and sustainable gastronomic proposals that the selected restaurants must present during the four days of the festival.

Santa Maria da Feira is a borderland, where gastronomy intertwines with art and creativity. The “Sabores Imaginarius” creations, inspired by endogenous and seasonal products, are meant to reveal a clear influence of this crossroads of regional flavours and proximity to the origin, based on the strategy “from farm to plate”, which results in an identity gastronomic offer, both rich and differentiating.

Three criteria will be valued in the evaluation of applications : the use of local and seasonal products, creativity in cooking and creativity in plating. It is a mandatory requirement that each selected restaurant includes the selected Imaginarius Menu in its menu, for lunch and dinner, during the festival period.

Applications for “Sabores Imaginarius” must be sent to the Tourism Office, via email, between 18 and 22 April. Those selected will be announced on 27 April and will have the support of the City Council to publicize their menus on Imaginarius’ social networks and on the Visitfeira tourist portal.

For more information, interested parties should phone to 256 370 802 or 967 211 247.

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