Street Arts training session for associations 1

Street Arts training session for associations

“Street Arts: provocation, reflection and contemporaneity” is the theme of the formative session for associations from the municipality of Santa Maria da Feira, part of Imaginarius PRO, a section of the Imaginarius festival that addresses professionals in the field. This training event will take place on May 26, from 10:30am to 12:30, at the Imaginarius Creative Centre, and is conducted by the artistic direction of the festival, with the participation of the artistic director of FitaTàrrega, Jordi Duran.

The trends of contemporary artistic creation in the field of Street Arts will be the focus of this training action, addressing the following themes: “Street Arts, contexts and concepts”; “The specificity of public space for performative practices”; “Contemporary artistic creation”; “Training, dramaturgy and innovation”; and “Trends and internationalization”.

This will be a mainly theoretical action, using practical examples to raise awareness among local associative agents, based on the most questioned themes. The goal is to disseminate a contemporary artistic language, which will foster a new input for the development of innovative and disruptive local projects.

Participation in this training session is free, but subject to prior registration through

In this edition of Imaginarius PRO, debating, sharing confronting ideas take a more active role in the new Symposium that precedes the festival, and the Showcase action and the participation of the local creative ecosystem are reinforced.

In the European Year of Cultural Heritage, Imaginarius – International Street Theatre Festival celebrates its coming of age with a broad mission: support for new creations, training and support for the internationalization of the street arts sector.

Imaginarius’18 will be held on 24, 25 and 26 May, in the historic centre of Santa Maria da Feira.

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