The Douro is also an Imaginarius stage 1

The Douro is also an Imaginarius stage

Por Mares Nunca (de Artes) Navegados is a differentiating project by company Artelier? – Teatro de Rua, in co-production with the Imaginarius festival, which places the sea and the river as a privileged stage for street arts. Upstream, from the Tagus to the Douro, the Imaginarius vessel and its crew-artists moved from port to port, contacted the communities, collected local experiences and experiences, and will soon dock at the Porto Carvoeiro wharf, in the parish of Canedo, in Santa Maria da Feira, where they will present, in its world premiere, on 4 September 4th, at 9pm, the performance “Douro Mar Íntimo”, in a pre-festival moment.

Displaying the Imaginarius Brand and its impact on the dissemination of street arts and in public spaces, the company Artelier? – Teatro de Rua and its artists went up the Atlantic coast and entered the Douro river with the project Por Mares Nunca (de Artes) Navegados, on a boat transformed into a cultural centre that sailed from the Tagus to the Douro, transporting the Imaginarius festival and street arts  to other wharves and seaports until reaching Porto Carvoeiro. It is there, where the Douro embraces Santa Maria da Feira, that the artistic creation “Douro Mar Íntimo” will be developed.

The notes of this trip were collected from the mediation between the artists and the population in each of the ports where the Imaginarius boat docked for the construction of the Logbook, with ideas of cultural intervention on the challenges of living according to nature, traveling sustainably and creating contemporary art in the current context.

In the performance “Douro Mar Íntimo” spectators are invited to a larger moment of documentary video-theatre and night performance, which mixes video-mapping with texts and music performed by the artists during the maritime and cultural voyage, reflecting on the contemporaneity of art in our days and its relationship with the identity and memory of riparian peoples.

All Imaginarius – International Street Theatre Festival shows have free entry, limited capacity and mandatory registration, by filling out the appropriate form available. The shows that are part of Imaginarius – International Street Theatre Festival comply with the health and safety recommendations of the health authorities.

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