Twinning portrayed at the 2020 Imaginarius 1

Twinning portrayed at the 2020 Imaginarius

Now that another edition of Imaginarius is behind us, and with a positive assessment, it is time to start delineating the next Imaginarius, which will return to the public space of the historical centre of Santa Maria da Feira in May 2020. Already a joint artistic creation between Portuguese and French artists is in the making.

The Imaginarius Creation Centre and 37e Parallàle will develop artistic residencies in these two facilities that will later result in a joint artistic creation to be presented, in a world premiere, at the 20th edition of Imaginarius – International Street Theatre Festival in Santa Maria, and also at the 23rd Années Joué Festival in Joué-Les-Tours.

The artists will be invited to embrace this challenge and will have total freedom for their artistic creation, working on the main theme of the next edition of Imaginarius – Myth – but also on the 20 years of Imaginarius and the 30 years of twinning between Santa Maria da Feira and Joué -Les-Tours.

This will also be yet another opportunity to involve both communities, associations, local artists, schools, artisans and the population in general in the process of artistic creation, allowing them to have direct or indirect contact with new realities and languages, in a continuous investment towards expanding access, fostering opportunities and building connections.

The municipalities of Santa Maria da Feira and Joué-Les-Tours take on the financial backing of this project, which promotes contemporary artistic creation, already with roots in both territories. However, this does not hinder the search of financing with other partners, public and private, national and international.

This new cultural project follows the work carried out during the visit of a delegation from Santa Maria da Feira to Joué-Les-Tours between 30 May and 1 June to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the twinning agreement between the two municipalities. It has been 30 years of a profitable sharing of experiences, projects and knowledge, which remains active and dynamic in various areas of intervention, from education and training to youth, from sport to culture, from social action to economic activities.

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