Two Imaginarius Creations conceived for different formats: online and onsite 1

Two Imaginarius Creations conceived for different formats: online and onsite

Very Very Funny, a short film featuring artist Rui Paixão and “Subtil Prelúdio à Humanidade”, by SALTO – Internacional Circus School, are two of the Imaginarius Creations that will have their world premiere in this edition of Imaginarius, the former produced entirely for the online stage, the latter created for a live audience. The 20th edition of Imaginarius will take place between 27 and 30 May, in a hybrid format, on the stage of online experiences, and in some of Santa Maria da Feira’s public spaces and municipal facilities.

Rui Paixão, the well-known pink-haired clown who is one of the judges of All Together Now, the TVI show, is the protagonist of the short film Very Very Funny, an Imaginarius Creation in the field of Digital Art, which is scheduled to premiere on 27 May, at 9pm, during a special moment, in the auditorium of the Municipal Library of Santa Maria da Feira, followed by a conversation with the Feira-born artist of national and international renown, and with the rest of the production and direction team. An hour later, at 10pm, this short film by André Costa Santos and Mariana Machado (Dona Edite Filmes) featuring Rui Paixão, will be shown at the “Castro de Romariz” of the Imaginarius Virtual Map, with further screenings on 28, 29 and 30 May, always at 10pm.

 Synopsis: “A clown roams the city looking for his red nose. Overnight, how many steps does the clown take for his red nose? Very Very Funny counts every step from the flight to the apotheosis of a clown who does not yet know he is one. In this way, he meets someone, gets lost somewhere and even bumps into himself. This is the comic tragedy or the tragic comedy about being able to laugh at yourself”.

SALTO – Internacional Circus School will take to the stage of the auditorium of the António Lamoso Cine-Theatre, in Santa Maria da Feira, on 27, 28 and 29 May, at 9pm, and on 30 May, at 6:30pm, their new circus show “Subtle Prelude to Humanity”, a revolution with several artists of different nationalities, who are faithful to what they are, faithful to what they want to be, but above all faithful to what they want to say.

Synopsis: “A group of Millennials, with Millennial doubts, who question the current world, who question the approaching end. Wrapped in a world of information where they are constantly bombarded with images of the conflicts of our day, they fall into a state of inaction in which it is difficult to discern the right attitude to take. Faced with a scenario in which a third world war seems inevitable, what action should we take?

In an essay on anxieties and (apparently) futile desires, we want what we never had. We want sweaty bodies, we want to party, we want to dance, yet we feel constantly stuck in a legacy of an after party that is not ours and that we never attended. We donate our bodies, our cultures, our desires and we bring to the stage – Subtil Prelúdio à Humanidade”.

In compliance with the guidelines issued by the health authorities, to see the Very Very Funny premiere followed by a conversation with Rui Paixão and the rest of the creative team, and the show “Subtle Prelude to Humanity”, will require a prior reservation here.

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